Staplers play an important part in media of all kinds, mostly due to their awesomeness. Once you start looking, you'll see staplers everywhere on TV and in movies... and sometimes, they even make it into the plot. Check out our collection of stapler-featuring scenes, and let us know if you see another one.

Twentieth Century Fox. Directed by Mike Judge. Starring Ron Livingston, Jennifer Anniston, Gary Cole

The creator of Beavis & Butthead creates the most famous stapler in history. The perfect example of stapler-as-plot-point, this movie prop is the holy grail of modern staplers!

Writer / Director Mike Judge skewered modern office culture and created a comedy classic. Special shout-out to Steven Root for his Milton, the ultimate office drone who just wants a decent stapler, dammit.

Of course, you can get your very own virtual Red Swingline via our Virtual Stapler iPhone App! Available on the Apple App Store, you get to staple with a wide variety of staplers!

Warner Bros. Directed by Marc Lawrence. Starring Hugh Grant, Sandra Bullock

Throwaway Hugh Grant / Sandy Bullock romantic comedy that features both Sandra Bullock going aggro on a Swingline 747 and a fairly spirited girl-on-girl office spat centered around said stapler.

It also features some craziest, most inexplicable stapler behavior every caught on film. It self-locomotes, bi-locates, and generally ignores the laws of physics.

Some might say that this stapler possesses awesome power over space and time... others might say it just demonstrates a failure of film continuity. Either way, it's a mystery for the ages.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (1988)
Clark Griswold gets a little careless hanging lights in this comedy classic.
Office Space (1999)
Mike Judge lampoons office culture and inadvertantly creates the most famous stapler in history.
Two Week's Notice (2004)
Hugh Grant & Sandra Bullock argue over a magic disappearing stapler.
WayDownTown (2000)
Crazy Candians going slowly insane over a bet to see who can stay inside the longest. Somewhat disturbing.